Rudy Surya Gunawan
This site is dedicated to our father in heaven above. I don’t mean the one with a white beard aka “God” because he wasn’t our biological father. To be honest I am not so sure about the bald one either. But he was the only father I had.
He was born in Bandung with the name “Tio Tat Gwan”. But during the 60’s he adapted the name “Rudy Surya Gunawan” to replace his Chinese name as they weren’t allowed to carry their Chinese name in Indonesia.
My father’s childhood is totally unknown to me. He hasn’t told me a lot about it because he didn’t get the chance to get close to me. The only stories I heard about his childhood were told by others. But the truth were almost never be apart of my up bringing. So for me it is hard to have a faith in those stories.
Despite of all those lies that has been told about him, he has managed to pass a few facts for us to see how he really was.

My Dad was not only perfect in his work as contractor. He also spokes 5 languages fluently. One of his dream was to pass this talent to his children. All of my children will speak at least 6 languages, he said. Unfortunately none of us can speak one language properly.

Fashionable Minded
Daddy had a large collection of clothing. He hanged his branded clothes decently and sorted it by colours. He taught us about the fashion world and how to combine colours. Because of him I have learned about Louis Vuitton.
Next to his clothes he also had a large collection of boots. I was crazy about his shoes but my feet are bigger then his, so I couldn’t wear it and he was relief. He would do anything to please his children but to see me wearing his shoes was too much for him.

Movie Addicted
One of his hobby was to watch movie. He went to the cinema every week. Even though I liked to watch movie with him there was something about him that annoyed me. He talked during the movie a lot. If he was right about the plot of the movie, he would give him self a complimet how smart he was.

My father was very dedicated to his children. He worked hard to feed us. One thing he didn’t know, that we were not the only persons he fed. There were so many shameless peoples who entered his house and using his money but unfortunately they were invited.