Rainbow DNA
One thing my parents had in common was that they didn’t had a favourite child. As my father loved us all the same, My mom had beaten us equally. It didn't sound nice but at least it was fair.
It wont surprise me if I’ll find out that we share a Rainbow DNA, which can be produced by anyone in the whole Bandung. But never the less there was only one person who deserved to be called “Daddy”
Even though according to the gossip was my oldest sister the daughter of “Encim Loték”, an old lady who owned a store across the street and my brother was the son of our maid “Siti”. There was a biggest event in our family that has reached the “Best Seller”. That was the story about the twins.
Reno and Reny were our twins sibling who had never lived with us. They both were gone too soon. One went to heaven and the other went to an old uncle.
We wondered so many times why it was happening but the truth behind it we will never find out. There were so many stories about it that has been told in so many different version. Even Quentin Tarantino can't beat those fantasy. But I don’t care about it anymore. Not about the stories nor the twins.

Virginia Yean Dewayhani
- Stephanie Nathasja
- Victoria Phoebe

Ingrid Sandra Tjandrawati
- Audi Christian
- Melissa Bianca
- Thyra Valentine

Judy Christien Mutiayu
- Elizabeth Belina
- Valerie Jade
- Samuel Warner Bailey

Reno Alexander

Reny Something
- Ori Something

Ricardo Prabukurnia
- Jennifer Kimberly

Reymond Christopher Suryawangi